Frequently Asked Questions

SccoterMan offers a diffent kind service.scooterMAN provides a personal chauffeur to drive you and your car home. You can be confident that your scooterMAN will be aged over 21,an experienced driver,with a fully driving license.

You call us up. you tell us where and when you want to be picked up.scooterMAN will be there.He will arrive on a miniature foldway scooter.The scooter is then put in a sealed bag in the boot of your car.scooterMAN drives you home. Simple.

Because if you have a drink and drive you are a danger to yourself and to others.If you have a drink,don't drive.It's that simple.

If you are caught drinking and driving you could be looking at a year in jail and a three yaer ban. If you lose your licence you'll have to find another way to travel .And that will cost you a small fortune .If you are involved in a accident,you're putting innocent people at risk through your own selfishness.And you can't put a value on that.

It's best to give scooterMAN at least a couple of hours notice.scooterMAN gets very busy at pub closing time so if you needs to be picked up 11.00 pm to midnight, we strongly recommend to book in advance.An impromptu booking may mean around 30 minutes waiting time-subject to availability.

You call us up or login from our site. You tell us where and when you want to be picked up.scooterMAN will be there.Give the location of your car.Tell us where you want to go.Tell us to make,model and registration of your car.Tell us what time you need to scooterMAN to arrive and scooterMAN will be there.

All the scooterMAN ride one of our own specially designed and adapted folding scooters. It comes apart into four pieces,which are put into a set of bags,which are placed into boot of your car.

The scooter will fit into a space the size of a large suitcase.When folded and bagged, it is so small that the scooter will fit into the back of a Mini. The scooter will not fit into two seater sports car such as Mazada MX5,MGF or BMW Z3.It's small ,but not that small.

NB: It is not our policy to place the scooter onto the rear seats,unless the customer agrees to accept all liability for any damage.

When the scooter is sealed into it's bags,the fuel tank is placed into a special bag, to prevent leakage.Equally,the electronic are isolated to prevent any interfaces with your car's computer systems.